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Book an appointment with one of our stylists to get the full Hats ’n Dreads experience. We can create the dread hairdo that you’ve imagined.  We give personal advice to create the style you’re looking for. Ideal if you do not have the knowhow to braid in the wooldreads yourself or when you want some pampering. 

We’re also here for you if you already have (natural) dreads and want a wedding or festive hairdo. For ideas and inspiration take a look at our Gallery or our Instagram feed.

As of September 15th we’re also available again for natural dreadlock appointments. Femke will open her books again for dread maintenance and complete dreadlock hairdos. Appointments can be made in both Leiden and Delft.

Come and visit us at a festival or in our brand new salon in the historic town of Delft in the Netherlands.

We’d love to welcome you with a delicious cup of coffee or tea.


Size S: €1,50 per piece
Size M: €1,75 per piece
Size L: €2,00 per piece
Size: XL: €2,25 per piece

Installing wooldreads:
€35,- per hour

Natural dreadlocks/maintenaince
€35,- per hour

In need of advice? 
Free of charge

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