Tribal fusion


© Eline Spek, Model: Kaat Geevers, MUA: Laura Noben

Tribal fusion bellydance is a performing art that combines bellydance with influences from modern dance to gypsy to urban. The costumes also have this fusion touch to it.

We offer a variety of tribal fusion wear.

Our main pieces are the fusion bra’s with handsewed ethnic jewelry. But we also sell belts (with and without jewelry), earrings, bracelets, flower for in your hair, etc. This style also goes well with wooldreads.

How does it work?
We occassionaly have some ready-made wear in the webshop, but we prefer the custom orders for this style (because of the size and material request).  We’ll need your bra size (if you prefer, you can supply your own bra) and an estimate of what you want to spend. costst of the tops are highly dependent on the material used.

Prices start at 50 euros for a bra.

To give you an indication of the pricing system:


This is a basic top, 50 euros
Model: Sayuri Dee


© Frozen Whisper, Model: Amesbury Rose

This is a quite complicated version, with (self-imported) jewelry from Israel, Singapore and Morocco, ±80 euros (the belt would be around 75 euros, also a custom item but you may find one or two in the webshop as well)

Also a more expensive top, with a vintage piece from Afghanistan, ± 70 euros.

For inquireries:

Check the webshop for the ready-to-wear items

(big thanks to our dear friend frankthepilot who brings us pieces from all over the globe!)